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Multiple IP Addresses v1.1 SmoothWall Mod


Multiple IP Addresses is a mod for SmoothWall that provides the ability to add multiple IP addresses to existing interfaces, and to forward traffic on those addresses.

N.B. It will NOT allow you to use multiple RED interfaces.

There are 2 versions of Multiple IP Addresses, one for use with Full Firewall Control v1.2.1 (FFC) and above, and a standalone version. The FFC version will give you more control over forwarding, so you should use this version if possible.

Full Firewall Control version:
Download multi-ip-ffc-1.1.tar.gz

Standalone version:
Download multi-ip-standalone-1.1.tar.gz

Screenshot of standalone version (the FFC version does not have the rules sections at the bottom of the page)

Upgrade instructions:
Uninstall Multiple IP Addresses v1.0:
cd /var/smoothwall/mods/multi-ip
./uninstall.pl Now install as per the following installation instructions. If you have multiple IP addresses configured, you configuration will be preserved. If you are moving to the FFC version, you will need to re-enter your forwarding rules using FFC.

Installation instructions:
Upload the .tar.gz to your SmoothWall (using sftp on SmoothWall's ssh port 222) and place in the /tmp directory. To extract the files, login to your SmoothWall (ssh on SmoothWall uses port 222 for those that do not know), change to the /tmp dir and, execute the command:
tar zxvf ./multi-ip-*-1.1.tar.gz -C /
Now run the install script by typing the command:
sh /tmp/install.sh

Quick setup guide for Full Firewall Control version
Assumptions: You are using ADSL, you have a range of static public IP addresses assigned to you by your ISP, and you wish to forward traffic from those IP addresses to one or more servers on your GREEN interface.
1) Install all fixes, and the Full Firewall Control and Multiple IP Addresses mods.
2) If required, set up your ADSL router so that all traffic is passed directly to the Smoothwall machine (i.e. no NAT on the ADSL router).
3) On the networking -> multiple ip addresses page of your Smoothwall, add an IP address to your RED interface.
4) On the networking -> firewall control page of your Smoothwall, select the interface you have added in the above step (e.g. RED:1) as the source interface, and enter the IP address of the server you want to foward traffic to as the Destination IP. If a destination port is not specified, traffic on ALL ports will be forwarded. Remember to select the correct protocol if you specify a port.
Tip: Hovering the mouse over the interface in the list of current rules will show the IP address.

Old versions:
Download multi-ip-1.0.tar.gz